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(upcoming) October 2019 Solo show at Madrona Gallery, Victoria BC

(upcoming) July 2019 Solo show at The Space, Vancouver BC

(upcoming) March 2019 Feature at Kube Studios, Gibsons BC

2018 SWARM: Labyrinth, Acme Studios, Vancouver BC

2018 KIN, Madrona Gallery, Victoria BC

2018 Loose, The Playground, Vancouver BC

2018 Colours of Summer, Madrona Gallery, Victoria BC

2018 A Taste of Art, Seasider, Sunshine Coast BC

2017 Pulp + Process II, Madrona Gallery, Victoria BC

2017 Madrona Gallery 2017 Inaugural Exhibition, Madrona Gallery, Victoria BC

2016 A Taste of Art, Max Cameron Theatre, Sunshine Coast BC

2016 Exhibition of The Collection for Clough Designs, Vancouver BC

2015 Under the Influence Group Exhibition, Blank Tank, Vancouver BC


Blankspace Studio, Sarah Marie Interiors, Noble Motives Collective, Caposhie, LH Interior Design, Lush Cosmetics, Coalescence Design, Clough Collections, Bandit Digital, The Overshared, APTN


Beatroute BC

Scout Magazine

HER Collective

U Gallery